2014 Summer Movie Blowout In Many Many Words

Godzila 2014 Trailer


I guess it’s kind of a thing now.  I mean, not quite the same kind of thing you meant when you said (with your voice full of teenager my-life-is-over woe), “Janie PerfectHairAndEyesAndSkin starting going out with Tommy FlashingSmileFootballHero last night so I guess they’re, like, I dunno, a thing now or whatever.”  Because, let’s be honest, that kind of thing never ends well for anyone.

Well, maybe the therapists.  But they can make lemonade out of just about anything at a bazillion dollars a therapeutic hour.

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah. It’s a thing. Meaning it’s a regular thing, apparently, that I’m going to do a summer movie post every year, wherein I share what I’m probably going to be overpaying to see before school starts again.  And yes, I do complain about the cost of it all, but that won’t stop me from grinning like a 12…

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